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December 2000:
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Outsourcing the Helpdesk

Providing top-notch customer support is a requirement for maintaining and growing a successful business. But what happens during those times your help desk is not staffed adequately to handle a high volume of calls? Customers paying for support can easily become frustrated if they have to wait in line before connecting to a support agent. Help desks and call centers know that they have to deliver quick and accurate resolutions to retain customers. Simply analyze the costs associated with hiring additional support agents - salary, workstation, software licenses, and you will see why so many companies are moving toward outsourcing their support activities to third party agencies. Click for more...

Select the top reasons your organization might considering outsourcing your help desk.

Poll Results:

  • Extra help during peak times - 66%
  • Cover non-business hours - 33%
  • During an internal transition - 0%
  • To support a wide variety of products - 0%
  • Other - 0%
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