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November 2000:
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Creating An RFP Can Help Identify The Right Help Desk Software For Your Company

A quick online search for tracking / help desk software or issue management software can provide you with dozens of software packages available to the Help desk, Support Center, or IT Department. Whether implementing a help desk for the first time or adding additional components, identifying a product that will meet the company's needs, as well as evolve with today's rapidly changing technologies can be a labor-intensive task. Preliminary research can help determine which software packages meet your basic requirements and are within your price range. However, this may still leave you with a large number of potential help desk software vendors. To simplify your decision-making process, save you time, and clearly identify your company's requirements and goals, consider creating a Request for Proposal (RFP) for your purchase of tracking or help desk software. Click for more...

When purchasing help desk or call tracking software, what is the MOST important factor in your decision?

Poll Results:
Features - 36%
Scalability - 9%
Ease of Use - 18%
Cost - 27%
Vendor Support - 9%

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