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October 2000:
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Reduce Help Desk Stress Injuries

You might think that Help Desk or Call Center agents are at very low risk for work-related injuries. Since many Support Center agents spend the brunt of their day entering call / issue data through a keyboard, or talking with customers on the phone, they are at high risk for induced repetitive stress injuries (RSI). According to the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety, a three-fold increase in problems related to hand and wrist pain has occurred in the last two decades. Companies (including those with help desks and call centers) are finding that these injuries can be reduced or eliminated completely by providing ergonomically-correct work areas as well as training employees to perform repetitive tasks correctly. Click for more...

How do your help desk agents primarily receive incoming support requests?

Via Telephone - 66%
Via Email - 22%
Via Online Support Form - 11%

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