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An Automated Help Desk's Benefits

If you've decided to automate your help desk, congratulations! You are joining many thousands of organizations that have done that same thing. If you are new to this process improvement, it could be that you are not familiar with the benefits stemming from your decision. You can expect benefits for your organization at large, the everyday employee, and, of course, your users.

Benefits to your organization
Name an industry where costs are not rising. There are not many of them. Naturally, costs for technical support personnel have followed this trend. In the meantime, quality customer satisfaction appears to be indirectly proportional to this cost trend line, especially in the Information Technology arena. In the 2000s, companies that fulfill and exceed customer needs will be the ones that not only survive but thrive. Technical support via the problem management center is a major factor in fulfilling the customers' expectations. An automated help desk can help turn the tide and keep your customers happy. And we all know how this loyalty affects your organization's net value.

Benefits to your employees
Theoretically, help desk software should be able to make repetitious tasks easy and less time consuming. Why? Because your automated help desk helps to act as an internal or external knowledge base from which to cull answers and related information. Your technical support team saves precious time because they can utilize a system that is doing some of the work for them. If it saves them time, it also means that they can spend time on other issues, perhaps issues that require more of their skills and interests. Hard to believe, but this actually translates into technical support job satisfaction. If you believe this is not an issue, consider the fact that job turnover in the IT field is 2-3 years. Retraining costs for these staff members directly affects your profit and loss figures. Judging by some of the help desk software available, the automated help desk can alleviate a lot of repetitious tasks by administering help in the areas of:

  • Issue tracking
  • Automatic paging of technical support personnel
  • Easy-to-use graphs
  • Compatibility with common email systems

    Benefits to your user
    This one is fairly obvious, and therefore requires little thought. A help desk that is automated is going to provide faster and more accurate support to your users. And a higher rate of customer satisfaction and less downtime means more time your users can have to perform their functions. The end result - you will have a much happier customer.

    With benefits like these, it is no surprise that more and more organizations are perusing the internet, looking for help desk software that will increase the bottom line and quality of problem management.

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