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What Can a Help Desk Software System Do?

In addition to knowing how having help desk software can help your organization, you probably should know what it does. Remember...efficient customer relationship management is the key word. And this equates to happier customers, which increase day-by-day in your growing organization. So what does a help desk software / system do for you?

A Database for All Customer Issues
Help desk software can allow you to record every phone call and let your technical support personnel key the relevant data for the call and their response. So how does that help your organization?

  • It helps by facilitating the storage of such data items as time call was made, a description of the issue, and who was assigned to it.
  • Naturally, most help desk software systems also allow you to record what calls/customers are outstanding and which have been resolved. Unlike a paper filing system, an electronic call tracking system doesn't "accidentally" get lost or misplaced.
  • It helps by not only storing call-related data such as addresses, phone numbers, and contacts, but enables sorting, reporting, and graphing on such data.
  • Some help desk software systems are even sophisticated enough to record call data by piece of equipment, e.g., a laser printer, if you so choose.
  • It helps by ensuring the tracking of this data is done ONCE and this helps to solve customer issues quicker and more accurately.
  • Other help desk software can audit a PC on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis (or anytime you modify the software, hardware, or configuration of a workstation) to create a history for any PC, or all the workstations within your organization.

Innate Problem-Solving Functionality
If you're recording data on all calls and their related data, this actually translates into automatic problem solving. Some software now includes a "knowledge base." What is a knowledge base? Knowledge bases enhances your troubleshooting and problem solving capabilities by allowing you to create your own in-house reference library from your issue list and phone calls. Some help desk software allows you to simplify the process of documenting issue problems/resolutions by transferring your data items from your issue information to an internal database. Further, this knowledge base will allow you to store questions and answers for your calls. Naturally, this system cuts the time for resolving the same issue in the future. A technical support member simply conducts an electronic search and either reports the solution or dispatches another individual to perform the stored response to a given problem. In many cases, personnel training will be decreased, thus saving time and money. And we know how precious those two words are!

  • Increased Calls Without More Staff. As mentioned above, help desk software saves time and money. If your staff is spending 25% less time on issues, those members can answer more calls without increasing staff. Once a selected issue and proper response has been entered into the problem management system, the time and cost savings can begin. In a lot of cases, a technical support person can help a customer even if the issue is not specifically in the support person's area of expertise.
  • Easing of Communication Problems. How many times has it been said that the lack of communication creates a problem or makes it worse? Having a help desk software system facilitates communication among all cogs of the business organization, from customer to upper management. Some help desk software can enable automated email to the appropriate person or staff to respond to a given issue. And that's a key feature of your help desk keep communication flowing to the proper individuals to ultimately keep your customers happy.

What does a help desk system do? The possibilities are endless but we know one thing for desk software implementation is going to save you money and time. How? Calls get answered with proven accuracy from prior recording in your help desk software's database. And once you have this data recorded, you can use it in more ways to save money for organization, e.g., spotting problem trends in issues and adjusting staffing expertise accordingly, in terms of both addressing load times and required knowledge.

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