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Customer Relationship Management CRM - White Paper #0006

What Kind of Help Desk Software Do You Need?

Whether you call it help desk software, call tracking software, CRM (customer relationship management), or problem management software, the question remains the same--what kind of help desk software do you need?

There ARE lots of help desk software programs out there and no one software system is going to be the panacea for everyone. It helps if you know what are your requirements in call tracking software so you can shop intelligently. Here are some things to consider as you get started on your search for the best help desk software for your organization:

  • Is the software for internal use? In other words, will the call tracking software be used to support customers in your own company or organization? Here, some features will be more important than others. For example, your help desk center may log the types of questions that are received and the prospective help desk software must allow record keeping in a database. PC auditing might also be a feature that is worth considering in your purchase.
  • Similarly, is the software for external customers, customers that represent people or companies you are supporting? This would be helpful if your company contracts to provide a service to another organization, whereby separation of customers (e.g., a company might be one customer) and contacts (e.g., a person for contact at one of your customers) is an important consideration. An on-line (via the web) knowledge base might be another desired feature for your call tracking software that enables cost-effective "self-help solutions" for your clients.
  • What if your prospective problem management software requires features for both types of customers? You might look for a help desk software solution that addresses both customers (departments or outside companies) and contacts within those customer locations. Your choice in help desk software must be flexible enough to provide answers for both scenarios.
  • Can the help desk software grow along with my company? This is crucial. Software restricted to certain specifications will hamper YOUR growth and force purchase of another system. A problem management software program that works with multiple database systems is the most scalable. You might want to consider a help desk software system that can move seamlessly from Access to SQL Server to DB2 to Oracle.
  • What operating systems and hardware will house your call tracking software? As you will see, many help desk software programs are designed with installation in a client/server environment in mind.
  • Can our email system be interfaced to the help desk software? You've already spent a ton of hard-earned money on purchasing and implementing an email system. It should be important to you that the help desk software be compatible.
  • Is the software flexible enough to accommodate my organization's customized needs? For example, you may be supporting a specialized department that demands some of your own fields in the database for contacts.
  • And lastly, what about cost? You obviously want a quality operation for process-oriented results. You need to find a balance between the cost-effective purchasing of your help desk software vs. software that will solve all or most of your issues.

Answering each bulleted item will further your analysis on your customized requirements for the help desk software purchase.

Take your time to evaluate each point by conducting research on industry benchmarks and also reading the findings of help desk software specialists.

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