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Integrating Web-based Support within Your Helpdesk

Integrating a web interface component enables your support department to dynamically interact with your automated helpdesk software from any location. A complementary web interface component provides a dynamic connection to your helpdesk database. Increase efficiency and productivity among your support center by allowing IT technicians, customers, or other desktop support members connectivity from any network location. Because web interface components are thin-client applications, they can be accessed by a large number of concurrent users from most HTML web browsers and can decrease the TCO of your helpdesk.

A Web-based Helpdesk Solution Should Provide:

  • Access to self-service tools such as an internal knowledge base of information. High-level support members can enter accurate technical information that first level support personnel or customers can utilize for proactive problem resolution.
  • A dynamic interaction to your database of information. Clients or support personnel that enter or edit issues, or detail actions taken towards an issues resolution are assured that database information is immediately available. There are no duplication of efforts, or waiting for information to be downloaded.
  • Access to your helpdesk database for an unlimited number of users. The cost-effectiveness of adopting a web interface component versus the sole use of a traditional desktop package can be substantial. Consider the costs associated with upgrading or acquiring additional software licenses for your helpdesk application. Many web interface components provide access for an unlimited number of users and operate with standard web browsers that are relatively low in cost, or may be downloaded for free.

Whether your helpdesk services hundreds of external calls per week, or manages the needs of an internal organization, a web interface component can expand your ability to deliver first-rate service. Consider the following features when selecting a complementary helpdesk component:

  • The web interface component should provide seamless integration with the core helpdesk centralized database.
  • Are full security permissions available that allow you to define various levels of access? Administrators, or IT Managers may have full access to privileges, whereas Helpdesk Staff or Customer Support Technicians may be restricted to select privileges.
  • Allow helpdesk team members to enter or edit issues and view assigned issue lists. Support members, or customers can benefit from access to an internal knowledge base for answers to their specific needs.
  • Does the interface allow Customers to add their own issues, view the progress of open issues, or approve an issue's resolution? These features can alleviate the workload of your helpdesk and improve customer service levels.

Incorporate a web interface component to provide dynamic interaction with your helpdesk database of information. A web interface solution offers power and functionality to your desktop and is the next logical step in today's fast-paced customer support industry. Provide clients and helpdesk team members a tool for proactive problem resolution with this easily accessible and cost-effective software interface component.

Some companies that offer web-enablement along with a traditional automated helpdesk software package include:

Kemma Software

RightNow Technologies
RighNow Web

SMA Management Systems, Inc.
GoldMine Heat

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