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Traing in the Workplace - Including the Help Desk

Training in the Workplace (Including the Help Desk)

Companies today are offering a wide range of training options for their employees, including their help desk staff. Continuing education and training helps a company stay competitive in the marketplace by keeping an employee's skills sharp and by promoting employee morale and increasing productivity (which is something every help desk can benefit from). Courses are now offered on everything from training customer service representatives on newly acquired help desk software and customer service strategies to safety training to meet OSHA requirements.

Why Train?
Business today is forced to keep up with the fast pace of high is a fact of doing business in the new millennium. IT Departments are at the front line of this evolving process. Help desk and customer service technicians and agents who manage IT related questions from customers or staff must have up to date knowledge in order to effectively manage incoming requests and trouble tickets. Knowledge leads to increased response time and satisfaction levels, which can contribute to a company's bottom line.

Changing the Way We Learn
In the past, corporate training was located in-house, or through out-sourced classroom instruction. With the advent of faster computer processors and internet connections, training has started to shift from the traditional face-to-face classroom instruction to high tech options such as new web-based instruction. Asynchronous classrooms or live, guided web-cast classes are newer training options. Still popular are hands-on instruction manuals (which come with most help desk software packages) or videos (which can be loaned to help desk agents or used in a group setting.

Ways to Track Training
Knowing which help desk agents have what training is a key to fast response. Being able to locate an individual with expertise in a certain area, or validating that all employees have update training and certification is a task that was once the primary focus of a company's Human Resource Department. In some companies, this still holds true; but for others, managing employee training is now the responsibility of the individual department, such as the help desk / IT department. Some help desks now offer courses and certifications for their staff. Courses are tracked, attendance logged, and course completion is registered. Some help desk applications, traditionally used for call or trouble ticket tracking, now offer modules for tracking training within the help desk.

The Training Advantage
In the end, a company that invests in employee training will benefit from knowledgeable and proficient employees thus increasing a company's competitive edge and bottom line. And a company that trains its help desk or customer service staff will increase customer satisfaction levels.

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