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June/July 2000:
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Integrating Web-based Support within Your Help Desk

Integrating a web interface component enables your support department to dynamically interact with your automated help desk software from any location. A complementary web interface component provides a dynamic connection to your help desk database. Increase efficiency and productivity among your support center by allowing IT technicians, customers, or other desktop support members connectivity from any network location. Because web interface components are thin-client applications, they can be accessed by a large number of concurrent users from most HTML web browsers and can decrease the TCO of your help desk. Click for more...

Tips for Purchasing Help Desk / CRM Software:

  • Understand Your Needs - Consider current and future business needs. Purchasing help desk software based on your current business trends may quickly outdate your software. Before investing, assess the software to see if it is scalable and will meet future business requirements.
  • Research Products Before You Purchase - Competition is the consumer's ally. Create a request for proposal (RFP) and determine which product features will best benefit your needs.
  • Try It Before You Buy It - Some companies offer free demos of their products. Take the time to do some "hands on" testing to verify that a product meets your level of expectation.
  • Find out if Technical Support Is Available - Many companies offer free installation support or free support for a period of time. Find out if extended support is available. You may or may not need technical assistance, but it's reassuring to know that help is affordable and available if needed.
  • Understand User Agreements and Return Policies - Software generally has End User License Agreements associated with its use, warranty and return policies. Find out the details of these items before you buy.

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